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Bachelor's & Associate's

International Studies (4-year Bachelor's)

The International Studies Department is comprised of two major fields of study: International Studies and International Business. In order to understand the depth of complex business relational matters, studies will be expanded to include history, politics, economics and culture. Instructors with varied cultural backgrounds and international careers will lead small classes in 'active learning' experiences where students will learn practical approaches for international issues through debates and various experiential and service learning opportunities.

Liberal Arts (2-year Associate's)

KIU offers a 2-year degree in the liberal arts department that has two distinctives. First, the program is comprised of a broad balanced study of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Students will develop practical applied learning skills in this program. The second distinctive is the Japanese emphasis. Living in Japan, a foreigner has a great opportunity to learn the Japanese language, about the culture, history and politics. KIU will teach students these subjects and broaden the students' horizons and international potential upon degree completion. Non-Japanese students will attain a certain level of Japanese proficiency and be able to use acquired knowledge and skills in cross-cultural settings with confidence.

Major Field

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