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Be confident in your own identity as you strive for global-mindedness.

Individuals who strive to become internationally-minded, often study about foreign countries and go abroad to study. However, in order to truly absorb a second language or culture, a person needs to have a solid foundation in his mother tongue and an accurate understanding of the culture he is from. This is a vital first step toward international-mindedness. KIU aims to develop individuals who first understand themselves and their background and can use that understanding to move forward to global-mindedness.

Interactive small-group education helps students learn to think for themselves.

A problem seen at many colleges is that many of the liberal arts classes are large and held in big lecture halls. In this environment many students do not learn to apply what they have learned. KIU desires that students first of all have an accurate understanding of material, think through it logically, and then articulate an opinion. KIU provides a training ground for this type of learning.

KIU educates from a biblical perspective with the foundational belief that humans are created by God and therefore have worth.

Biblical principles are at the core of KIU's education. The desire is to teach students, in this rapidly changing world, how precious and meaningful life is. KIU teaches students that since each person has value, they need to show one another respect. This is a fundamental attitude that must be present when individuals go out to serve in the global community.

Daily interaction between international and Japanese creates an international environment.

In order to acquire an international outlook, it is important for an individual to know another language, but even more so, to be part of an international environment. This type of international environment is rare in Japan, but we can offer this at KIU. Lectures are conducted in English with students from different parts of the globe. KIU offers a diverse environment where students will broaden their global horizons.

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