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Kyoto International University (KIU) ... Who We Are

Kyoto International University(KIU) was established as a school in 1989 and in 2003, was granted recognition by the board of education of Kyoto ward. KIU distinguishes itself from other "mission" schools in Japan by its desire to pioneer a different style of education - one that nurtures and trains students to think for themselves and act with international-mindedness. The basis of the education at KIU is derived from Christian principles. We welcome all students regardless of gender, race or religion.


The purpose of KIU's education is to raise up globally minded-adults through a western style academic approach. We believe students need to mature into adults who can think for themselves and question why they think the way they do. Students will have many opportunities to have discussions and through their ability to think logically, and with the ability to convey their thoughts, these students after graduating have much to offer society.

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