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Transfer Support

When is it best for you to transfer?

For some, it is 6 months; for others, it is after 2 years.

You know best!

Each student has his / her own set of circumstances determining when it is best to transfer. Factors determining a student's readiness for transfer may include finances, family conditions, language ability etc. At KIU, you are given the freedom to transfer when it best suits you! KIU faculty will help and support you as you prepare to go.

Transfer time-line samples


KIU is dedicated to providing support to each students, giving them the best chance of success academically and socially as they transfer.

Support for Transfer Process

KIU will prepare necessary documents for transfer and will also help students with the application process.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an important part of the transfer application. As a small school, KIU faculty knows the strengths of each student and is able to provide strong letters of recommendation.

Credit Transfer

Schools with which KIU has a partnership will accept KIU credits. However, other schools with which there is no partnership will require a syllabus for each course and the receiving school will make the judgement regarding acceptance of KIU credits. As needed, KIU will make contact with the school overseas and provide additional information.

Skill Workshops

Transcripts, SAT/TOEFL scores and application essays are also important components of the transfer application. KIU will guide and prepare students in these areas.

SAT / TOEFL Seminar

KIU offers courses to prepare students to score well on SAT and TOEFL tests. Practice tests are conducted so students can get acquainted with the allocation of time and practice appropriate pacing while learning to take the test more effectively.

College Application Writing Methods

Many universities overseas require an essay at the time of application. It is important to have an engaging writing style that will capture the interest of the reader; letting him / her see a bit of the applicant that is not visible through a transcript or test score records. KIU provides essay-writing help.

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