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Privacy Policy

Kyoto International University (hereafter, KIU) is aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of our students and prospective students We endeavor to keep such personal information private based upon the following guidelines. (Guidelines are based upon the Personal Information Protection Law.)

1 Personal Information

Personal information refers to any information related to any living person, including name, date of birth, and any other descriptive information that will identify a specific person. At KIU, the following information will be required.


  1. Prior to admission / at the time of application
    application for admission (including attached documentation), scholarship application (including attached documentation), healthcare card, questionnaires, handbook consent form, student ID data

  2. While enrolled
    university register, grade book, attendance book, class roll book, network, personal scheduling, test answers / results, notices and other information, application forms, questionnaires, leave-of-absence notices, withdrawal notices, change-of-address forms, requests for certification documents, tuition-related information

  3. Graduation / Post-Graduation
    graduating student register, yearbook

2 Obtaining Personal Information

KIU will obtain personal information in a legal and proper manner.

3 Use of Personal Information

Personal information obtained by KIU will be used for the following purposes and for nothing else: (personal information may be transferred within the school for various purposes)

  1. for documentation related to entrance, transfer, proceeding to higher education, and documentation related to statutes associated with transfer or proceeding to higher education

  2. for management of information, contacting students, and paperwork regarding matters related to a student’s education or school life

  3. for general affairs matters related to contacting students and their parents/guardians, and sending various school-related documents

4 Giving of Personal Information to a Third Party

Except for situations determined by applicable statutes, KIU will not give any student's personal information to a third party without prior permission from the student.

5 Management of Personal Information

KIU will maintain personal information in a way that it remains accurate and this information will be managed in a safe manner. Also, in order to prevent the loss, corruption, manipulation or leakage of personal information, KIU will carry out appropriate measures to prevent illegal access and compromising of the information by computer viruses.

6 Dislosure, Revision, Ceasing of Use, and the Deletion of Personal Information

KIU recognizes the individual's right to disclose, revise, stop the use of, and delete the personal information that is being managed by KIU. When requests for such things are received, KIU will respond promptly. Please note, however, that requests for the disclosure of information regarding grades, etc. might be refused.

7 Organization and System

KIU will appoint a person to be in charge of ensuring the protection and proper management of personal information, and will carry out appropriate management of personal information. KIU will carry out education, etc. based upon appropriate protection of and management of personal information as far as KIU Board of Education members and KIU employees are concerned. KIU will do its utmost to deal with personal information correctly when carrying out our daily work.

Email Policy

KIU believes that email is an effective tool for communicating with students and prospective students. We require that you provide your email address to us to receive information about KIU. KIU’s privacy policy can be found at When you provide your email address, we will be able to interact with you in a secure and convenient manner.

KIU collects email addresses from business cards, online information request forms and application forms as well as other sources. We use this information to contact students and prospective students about KIU and for promotional purposes strictly related to KIU. When you receive messages from KIU, you will be able to identify that KIU is the sender. We will not hide the origin of our messages.

1 Opt-Out

Each KIU message will contain either a functioning email address or an Internet-based mechanism that you can use to opt-out of receiving future messages. In addition, you may submit an opt-out request by contacting and placing "remove me" in the subject line. Please provide the email address that you would like to have removed from our marketing database and include your full name, address and telephone number to ensure proper administration of your request. Under normal circumstances, your request will be fulfilled within 10 business days. (If you would like to resume receiving messages from KIU after making the opt-out request, please provide your written consent to receive such messages.
KIU will not sell, share or rent any email addresses that have been collected with third parties. We do not authorize the harvesting, mining or collection of email addresses or other information from or through our website by third parties. For this reason, we will never publicly display your email address on our website or make it available through any other electronic means, except that student email addresses may be included in student directories.

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