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President's Message

Think for yourself. Then, act!

I want each student to strive to be global.

Peter Blocksom

Kyoto University International Politics Department

Kyoto University Law Department Political Research 1987

University of Idaho - Bachelor of Arts in History 1983

​Christian Academy in Japan 1980


This is the age of information. We are inundated with facts and figures constantly. With modern day technology, like the internet, there is no end to information. Traditional models of higher education were not designed simply for the acquisition of information. Oxford, Harvard and Yale were originally established as theological seminaries. Students did not go there to memorize the Bible; they already had the Bible, but the university was a place for students to learn to philosophize, rebut, and methodically prove and disprove. Today, students can do quick research on google; however, the distinguishing characteristic that sets graduates of these universities apart from others is their ability to think critically, communicate effectively and work as a problem-solver. These are features that other institutions throughout the western world and now the east are seeking to emulate.


Like these universities, KIU strives to educate individuals to become critical thinkers and develop them into leaders of the modern society. Information is important but understanding and logic makes information useful. Even the best logic and analysis, if not comprehensibly articulated, is meaningless.


KIU places emphasis on going beyond facts and learning the “why”. The small classroom with professorial and classmate feedback, is an ideal setting for students to develop intellectual curiosity. In this environment, they can question everything, even the professors’ ideas. This classroom dynamic stimulates learning while developing communication skills, which will prepare the students for success in the work place and enable them to become contributing members of society.


For western families living in Japan, KIU provides a safe affordable environment in which a young person can complete the first 2 years of their college education while at or near home. The small class size and continuous feedback helps students develop the study skills and discipline necessary for success in any program into which they will transfer.


KIU strives to maximize opportunities for students to obtain a solid grasp of Japan, hone their language skills (English or Japanese), and gain a global perspective for entry or re-entry into the west. Students leave KIU with knowledge and skills ensuring successful immersion in a global borderless world.

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