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Peter Blocksom

Founder / International Studies Professor

Academic Degrees

Ph.D.     Kyoto University, Faculty of Law, Political Science (pending)
M.A.     Kyoto University, Faculty of Law, International Politics
B.A.     University of Idaho, History

Learning to question, making a path where there is no manual, having confidence to voice an opinion that is not one of the majority - these are the marks of a true leader. This is the challenge of the 21st century and this is how we educate and challenge our students at KIU.


Kazuko Ando

Professor Emerita / Biological Sciences Professor

Academic Degrees
Ph.D.     Tokyo University / Biochemistry
M.S.     Osaka University / Biochemistry
B.S.     Osaka University / Biochemistry

KIU is a place of intellectual and spiritual learning, a place where individuals can learn about the richness of life. The Christian environment inspires students to learn, be dignified, and to ultimately find true joy.


Eliani Ardi

Dean / Physical Sciences Professor

Academic Degrees
Ph.D.     Kyoto University, Physics and Astronomy
M.S.     Kyoto University, Physics and Astronomy
B.S.     Bandung Institute of Technology, Astronomy

Dear students, as a Christ-centered education institution, KIU believes that each of you has intrinsic worth given you by our Creator God. You will be engaged in an active, creative and joyful learning system in an international atmosphere where you will develop your individual talents to contribute to the global community.


Senyo Adjibolosoo

Economics Professor

Academic Degrees
Ph.D.     Simon Fraser University, Economics
M.A.     York University, Economics
B.A.     University of Ghana, Economics

In my teaching and academic work, my vision is to guide students as well as colleagues to the point where they perceive and acknowledge that the true road to personal and community freedom is constructed with the building blocks of the dictates of the universal principles. We become more effective as we live committed to principles.


Michel Mestre

Professor Emeritus / Business Professor

Academic Degrees
Ph.D.     Middlesex University, Business
M.B.A.     Pacific Lutheran University, Business
M.S.     State University of New York (Buffalo), Engineering
B.S.     University of California (Berkeley), Engineering

A truly international perspective is possible at KIU for two main reasons: 1) Through the bilingual program, students develop language skills and are exposed to international educational content. 2) The diverse faculty shares its hands-on experience in the classroom. An example is Human Resource Management where practices from different countries are compared to Japanese practices.


Connie Nott

Accounting Professor

Academic Degrees
Ph.D.     Colorado School of Mines, Business and Economics
M.B.A.     Central Missouri State University, Business Information Systems
B.S.B.A     Central Missouri State University, Accounting and Information Systems

KIU provides a curriculum rich in international opportunities and a stimulating environment for personal growth. The students and faculty actively learn together while perfecting their English and Japanese language skills. As part of each student’s personalized learning experience there are many opportunities outside the classroom. Students may choose to visit Japanese’s companies or to have extended visits in Africa, North America and Japan. As a faculty member I welcome every opportunity to interact with, teach and learn with the KIU students, faculty and staff.


Haroldo Simoes

Art Instructor

Academic Degrees
M.A.    Osaka University of Education, Art Education
B.A.    Osaka University of Education, Fine Arts

Art is part of life no matter what period in history. It both shapes and reflects the age in which it the artwork was created. I hope that through the exploration of art, students will develop an appreciation of all cultures and of the creative traits God has blessed mankind with.


Sachie Karasawa

Japanese Professor

Academic Degrees
Ph. D.     University of Arizona, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
M.A.     Doshisha University, English
B.A.     Doshisha University, English

A human language is a precious gift from God. My goal as a teacher is to help our students develop ways of understanding others and expressing their own thoughts effectively through both written and spoken language communication.


Jason Batt

Business Instructor

Academic Degrees
MBA     Columbia College, Business
B.A.     University of Missouri, Business

As a professor of personal finance and leadership, my inspiration is to educate the students of KIU within important life skill areas that are not traditionally taught in undergraduate general education. My passion is to teach biblically-based, transformative principles and practices that students can learn and apply that will positively impact their lives now and in the future. My hope is that students leave my classroom not only academically informed, but also encouraged and further equipped to lead productive and more purposeful lives.


Dan Blocksom

Economics and Law Professor

Academic Degrees
J.D.     Stanford Law School, Law
B.A.     Stanford University, Economics

The focus in my classes is on providing students with skills useful for their careers. Given the ease of finding information online, memorization is usually not useful, but analysis is. This is why I focus assignments, papers, and presentations on requiring students to apply what they learned in class to real-world situations. My tests are usually open-book format because I am not interested if they can simply regurgitate something from class or the textbook; I want to see if they understand the concepts and skills well enough to apply them to a new situation.

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