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Will KIU accept students whose Japanese / English is not very good?

Yes. KIU offers Japanese language classes, but since it is not a Japanese language school, there are classes offered only at the beginner and intermediate levels.

KIU also offers English language courses. Students will acquire a level of English high enough to keep up with courses taught in English.

Can I transfer to KIU from another university?

Yes, transfers are admitted. Student admissions will be based on the evaluation of grades from the transcripts goals of the student.

Credit Transfer

Will my credits transfer overseas?

KIU has partnerships with several schools who have set an agreement to accept KIU credits. Many other schools will also receive KIU credits. However, KIU is not an American university, and therefore the school makes the final decision about accepting credits.

How much help can I expect with my transfer application documents?

KIU offers support to each student. From rather vague consultation regarding general major / career interests, to students who know what they want to study who want help choosing a school,
to editing an application essay... we want to help each student with anything they need help with.

Can I go to a Japanese graduate school from KIU?

Graduate study in Japan is undergoing great change and there is no clear standard across Japanese graduate programs. At present, KIU graduates wishing to pursue graduate study in Japan have tested and enrolled in graduate programs. The acceptance of KIU students’ credentials is subject to the discretion of each graduate institution both inside and outside Japan.

Visa (International Applicants)

Does KIU issue student visas?

Non-Japanese applicants a required to apply for a visa. As a non-accredited institution, KIU can only issue visas up to 2 years in length. The Japanese Immigration Bureau will determine the period of eligibility based on a comprehensive review of the applicant, taking into account Japanese language proficiency. Please note, visa application requires approximately 4 months.


Do you have a dormitory?

KIU does not provide accommodation for students, however KIU is willing to assist students in finding housing and serve as a guarantor if necessary. Accommodations and prices vary with rental prices starting at JPY50,000 / month.

How do KIU graduates do for career placement?

Many organizations and corporations have demonstrated interest in KIU students although public organizations and private corporations are not obligated to recognize our graduates as “university” graduates, KIU has a proven career placement record. Please look at our alumni career placement page for specifics.

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