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Programme Details

Get prepared for the launch

Students on the IFP will gain invaluable exposure to the UK educational system
and style of teaching ahead of undertaking an undergraduate degree.

How the classes are taught

The UOL IFP at KIU will provide you with face-to-face teaching from approved KIU professors as well as the opportunity to interact with fellow students sharing the same goal. Attending classes helps you structure your studies, gain study skills – learn how to learn; understand difficult concepts and gain feedback on your progress.

Students taking this programme will be provided with study materials and resources which have been developed by academics appointed by the University of London International Academy. The courses will be taught in conjunction with the Kyoto International University’s Foundations Program which encourages full participation to develop advanced English skills and academic knowledge to fulfill the IFP requirements. Students taking these courses will be taught at the same level as highly academic universities overseas, but the small class size results in individualized student care. The classes prepare students for further studies, and also provide an environment where students can motivate each other to pursue their individual goals.

Online Resources

In addition to studying onsite at KIU, students will have complete access to the University of London’s online services such as the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) via student portals. Students will be able to access subject guides, interactive resources and materials to help them learn, study and prepare for examinations. There is also an online space where students may interact with other students worldwide to discuss subject materials and to work collaboratively to solve problems.

Experienced Professors

Highly qualified academic professors at KIU who teach the programme undergo ongoing training by the University of London International Academy. Constant individual feedback is given by professors on campus and periodic performance assessments are designed to track students’ progress.


Upon completion of the tutorial courses, students may enroll to sit for the University of London International Foundation Programme examinations in late April.

Examinations are administered at approved local examination centres in Osaka or Tokyo. Each subject paper is expected to be about two hours, and these exams are set and marked by academics appointed by the the University of London International Academy. Examination results will be given a grade - Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Upon successful completion of their studies, students will be awarded a University of London International Foundation Certificate. The parchment that they receive will state that they were registered with the University of London and that examinations were conducted by the International Academy.

Additional Support at KIU

Academic Advisors

Like other classes at KIU, each student will be assigned an academic advisor, whose role is to supervise students’ academic progress and university applications. The KIU Foundations Program has been highly successful in helping students gain admission into top universities. Dedicated staff will help students who wish to enter UK universities to complete their UCAS applications. This additional support will allow students to maximise their chances of being admitted into their desired universities. While most students studying the IFP are intended to apply to universities in the UK, students will also have the option of applying to US universities as transfer students.

Supplemental English Courses

For students whose native language is not English and need to strengthen their English, KIU provides a “transition” course to help improve English writing and speaking. Further, if students are interested in the UOL IFP but have yet to fulfill the English requirement (IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL iBT- 75), they may first be admitted to the KIU Foundations Program to take English courses and to raise their English scores. After English entry requirements are fulfilled with an official IELTS/TOEFL iBT score, students can then register in the UOL IFP.

For students who are registered to take the UOL IFP, they will also have access to the writing lab as well as English courses (additional fee required).

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