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Life at KIU

Life at KIU is international! Students at KIU grow in all areas of life!

Life at KIU Training to become a global individual extends well beyond the walls of the classroom

Students get excited about topics discussed in class and keep on going long after the bell has rung. Topics range from world affairs to business plans.

Hands-on learning experience in Ghana provides so much more than any classroom could !

Breaking out of a classroom to go to Ghana to experience life with the children there. We studied together, folded origami and had fun together. Each life was somehow touched by the interaction.

Life at KIU
Life at KIU Individual instruction is tough, however in this environment, motivated students grow rapidly.

The teachers at KIU are kind but not soft. They believe each student has arrived at KIU in order to mature and grow, therefore they provide a nurturing environment but without compromising its standards.

Play ... with a whole heart!
Study at KIU... with a whole heart. 
Live life with a whole heart!

On a sunny holiday, you may hear laughter and smell BBQ meat on the KIU campus. Students and teachers alike participate and enjoy fun events at KIU.

Life at KIU
Life at KIU The campus, our theater. Even break time can be a source of learning.

KIU campus can be a place of intensive learning, but it can also be a relaxing spot.