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Application Requirements

KIU accepts applications for spring, fall and winter enrollment.

Application Deadline

Enrollment Period Application Deadline Application Deadline
for Overseas Students
Spring term February 1 October 1
Fall term July 1 March 1
Winter term November 1 July 1

* International students requiring visas must submit the application by the early deadline.

Application Documents

All completed documents and additional items must be sent by registered mail.

Application Form

Signature required

Official High School Transcript

Transfer students:
transcript of most recently attended school

Enclose a photocopy of standardized test results


Two (2) Passport Photos

Size: 2.4cm x 3cm

Application Fee

JPY30,000 (enclose proof of payment receipt)
Bank of Kyoto Osumi Branch
Ordinary (Futsu) Account 3990171
Kyoto International University


(Applicants who can not take the interview are required to submit an essay.)
Topic: What makes you special?
Length: 800 words (typed)

Application Form

>> Click here for application download

Candidate Evaluation

Candidates are admitted after overall consideration of the following: high school academic achievements, examination scores such as TOEFL and SAT, personal essay, club and other extracurricular activities.

Selection Process

After admission

Upon acceptance, all students must submit a health record.
Applicants living outside Japan need to apply for a student visa. Note, the visa application process will take approximately 4 months.


Exceptional students may be eligible to receive scholarships.


General tuition fee is as shown below. (Tuition and fees could fluctuate.)

Admission Fee JPY200,000
Tuition Fee JPY1,000,000
Facilities Fee JPY30,000

* Tuition paid in trimester installments: one installment, JPY355,000.
* Students whose enrollment exceeds 12 units will be charged a fee of JPY30,000 per additional credit hour.
* Students from overseas need to pay an additional amount of money as a deposit at the time of enrollment. This will be returned upon completion of their studies.


①Financial aid is available to students of outstanding excellence

KIU offers scholarships to students who meet certain criteria of academic excellence. At the time of application, an applicant's GPA will be assessed along with the TOEFL score, for non-native speakers of English, and SAT scores, for native English speakers. Submit the scholarship application, with the required information filled in, and attach the the necessary transcript or scores at the dean's office by the application deadline. Scholarships are assessed yearly.

At time of application *final grades are calculated into the GPA.

(A) HS/College (Transfer students) GPA over 3.6 + TOEFL over 550 (iBT80) / SAT over 1200

(B) HS/College (Transfer students) GPA over 3.3 + TOEFL over 525 (iBT71) / SAT over 1100

After admission

(C) KIU GPA over 3.6 + TOEFL over 550 (iBT80) / SAT over 1200 for 3 consecutive trimesters

(D) KIU GPA over 3.3 + TOEFL over 525 (iBT71) / SAT over 1100 for 3 consecutive trimesters

Tuition   Category Scholarship
Annual payment
Trimester payment
JPY1,000,000 (A)(C) JPY300,000 JPY 85,000 x 3
(B)(D) JPY100,000 JPY 15,000 x 3

Spring semester applicants (payment deadline: Feb. 1)

Fall semester applicants (payment deadline: July 1)

Winter trimester applicants (payment deadline: Nov. 1)

②Ministerial Dependent Scholarship

KIU offers scholarships to children of pastors and missionaries. Please contact the KIU office for details.

③Japan Finance Corporation Loan

Students may qualify for a Japan Finance Corporation educational loan of up to JPY 3.5 million.

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