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Partnership Schools

With a global career in sight, students move forward from KIU with their acquired skills to respected universities that will further sharpen and prepare them for their future.

Upon completion of courses at KIU, students can transfer credits to well-known universities. KIU has partnerships with various schools, most being in the United States, thereby simplifying the process of obtaining a degree. KIU credits transfer easily at these universities, therefore making a smooth transition requiring minimal time for completing a degree. Schools that have a partnerships with KIU will accept credits from KIU. This helps students to graduate quicker and with ease. The overall cost for a college education is lower when fewer credits are earned in the U.S. Some schools not listed here are also willing to recognize KIU credits.

List of Partnership Schools


University of Northwestern - St. Paul

University of Northwestern is a non-denominational, Christ-centered university committed to biblical truth and high academic standards. UNW’s mission is to equip men and women to serve as God-honoring leaders in every area of life. In the 70+ areas of study, Northwestern combines rigorous academics with a biblical worldview. UNW’s lakeside campus is located close to everything important and fun in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

■Partnership content: 70+ areas of study

University of Idaho

The University of Idaho is located in the rural city of Moscow, in northern Idaho and is one of the most scenic campuses in the western U.S. 10 colleges stand on the 800-acre large school campus. Moscow is situated in rural countryside and has been ranked in the top 100 "best small towns to live in" in the United States. Students can live there comfortably and concentrate on their studies.

■Partnership content: 9 business degrees

Trinity Western University

Trinity Western, the largest private Christian liberal arts university in all Canada, is located in Fraser Valley (Langley, British Columbia). Its 100-acre campus is set in the midst of beautiful nature and provides a calm setting for studying. The student body is about 2,200.

■Partnership content: Leadership degree

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