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KIU offers highly specialized classes, and classes based on overseas training and research. We help each individual based on their needs.

Specialized classes at KIU include politics, business, and math. The classes are not only taught at the same level as highly academic universities overseas, but the small class size results in individualized student care. Classes are more than a place to absorb information. In the international development class, the students are actually taken to a developing country. The students do not stay at their desks; they get up and go places that will provide them a richer understanding of what they are taught in the classroom.

Highlight Marketing


From a marketing plan to a presentation. 
Students collaborate with team mates, refine their thinking skills and polish their communication skills.

The marketing class has three components:
1. Understanding marketing concepts and principles based on assigned readings.
2. Analyzing and discussing highly recognized global companies with both domestic and international operations.
3. Creating and delivering recommendations to strengthen a global brands marketing position.

In the third stage, students collaborate and consider actual issues that companies deal with and come up with creative solutions. At the end of the term, all students give a presentation in front of the class. Students learn not only by listening to lectures, but also by active participation thereby deepening their learning and strengthening problem-solving and communication skills.


▶Web system 'moodle'

KIU students can check lecture schedules, assignments and grades on 'moodle', a web system commonly used on university campuses.

Highlight International Development - Service Learning in Ghana


You can see with your own eyes situations that don't appear in textbooks, for example developing countries of Ghana.
KIU students have the opportunity to look at things from the perspective of a leader and ask the question: What does this country need?

This international development/service learning experience provides students with field trips to several places so they can experience the challenges leaders face in developing countries to improve their people’s lives. Students contribute to the lives of others in meaningful ways by assisting at a small international Christian school to develop future honest leaders for their country.

Highlight American Government


Students will learn about American politics and the character of the country that has had the greatest impact on the world.

In the American Government class, students learn about the structure of the United States federal government, and gain an understanding as to how policy is made. As with other KIU classes, students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to discuss the material that they were assigned to read prior to class. Students should not passively accept the position presented in the text. Students must always consider the "why?" question. That is, "why did things happen the way they did?" In this way, students become more critical thinkers and can debate difficult topics.

Highlight Calculus and Analytical Geometry


In this class the aim is to obtain more than just a correct answer. Students need to be able to apply what they have learned in fields such as math, engineering and social studies.

In this course, the first step is to make sure that students have a fundamental knowledge of the first principle of differentials and integral natural science, graphs, limits, derivatives, differentiation, exponentials, and integration methods. However, mathematical knowledge should not be viewed as a goal, but rather a means. The real purpose of math is to help students learn problem-solving skills that can be applied to a wide variety of other courses such as calculus, applied physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, social sciences, and economics. Throughout this course, students will learn to organize their thoughts, and become orderly themselves.

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